Ex-Employee Slammed For Praising Microsoft Even After Work Caused Divorces, Broken Families

There was a time when people used to glorify working till late hours, not taking a day off, gulping down their 14th cup of coffee for the day to finish a presentation and not having a family life. Thankfully, this work culture has been recognised as toxic and many have been advocating for work-life balance.

Hadi Partovi is the CEO of the education nonprofit Code.org. He had joined Microsoft at the age of 22 around 25 years back. He was part of the team working on developing Internet Explorer, reports NDTV.

While nostalgically talking about his time working on IE, he mentioned that he ate all his meals at the office, held fun tournaments at 2 AM, and added that there were a few divorces and broken marriages while the employees worked like their “lives depended on it”. Have a look at the tweets here:

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This part didn’t go down well with many people online. While some slammed him for glorifying toxic work culture, a few others claimed that working for long hours only highlights a team’s “inefficiency” and “mismanagement”.

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After facing flak, Hadi Partovi made a few clarifications. He said that nobody was forced to work against their will and that most of them were in their 20’s and that they chose to work their hardest.

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