The Internet Really, REALLY Wants Michelle Obama To Run For President In 2020!

Michelle Obama
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The hoopla of endless news notifications finally came to a rest when Donald Trump was declared the President-elect of the United States of America. Yeah, that happened! Goes without a mention, the news divided the globe into more than two halves. And twitter couldn’t stop buzzing!

Angry voters took to twitter and expressed their angst. But that’s not it, Twitterati were quick to suggest another potential POTUS for 2020.

After the tryst to elect their first female President turned futile, Americans (the hopeful ones) are going out of their way–looking ahead to four years time–and vouching for Michelle Obama (Still the FLOTUS) as the PRESIDENT, while ‘#Michelle2020’ is trending like fire. Don’t believe me? Check for yourself.

1. Poster? Check!


2. Let’s go!


3. Gonna wait, as long as it takes!


4. Ah! The irony


5. #Michelle2020 is our favourite hashtag already


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6. The Muggles won’t understand


7. Never. Get in line!


8. *Throws hand up in the air*


9. I can hear the shattering of glass. Can you?


10. Just. Saying.


11. #I’mStillWithHer

This by far, is the only good thing out of the historical US #ElectionNight! *screams Michelle For President*

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