50-Year-Old ‘Menopausal’ Woman Discovers She’s Pregnant, Gives Birth To Baby Boy


Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Expect the unexpected’ but sometimes life gives you surprises that you could never ever imagine. As happened with this woman.

Michele Hall is a 50-year-old resident of Naples, Florida. She has four children and two grandchildren. When she hadn’t had her period for over a year, her doctor told her she had entered menopause and was no longer fertile. Which is why her husband Jerry and she couldn’t believe it when they discovered in October 2018 that she was expecting. And the baby was due in two months.

How could it come as a surprise?

Her pregnancy went unnoticed primarily because she didn’t gain any weight or go through morning sickness. She experienced body aches and pains. Initially, she ignored them because she thought they were symptoms of menopause. But later when she took a pregnancy test, it came out positive. She’d also been suffering from an autoimmune disease named ‘lupus’, so for her, these kind of aches were normal.

Representative Image

They named the miracle baby Grayson.

According to Naples Daily News, the couple welcomed their baby boy into the world on December 27 at NCH North Naples Hospital. At her C-section, Michele also had her doctors remove her fallopian tubes because she didn’t want to take any chances in the future.

They say art imitates life but who would’ve thought we’d get to hear about a real life ‘Badhaai Ho’ situation. But we sure are glad that both the mother and the baby are healthy and happy.

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