Surat Woman Shares Her Daughter Sat On The Floor Away From Family As She Was Menstruating

Even amongst India’s high-society families, who drive flashy cars and live in lavish homes, there are women who are victims of period exclusion. This practice includes the exclusion of menstruating women from shared spaces – like the dining table, kitchen, and temple – and stands as a huge challenge in the way of dismantling age-old taboos and embracing inclusivity. You’d be surprised how even today, in seemingly progressive families, menstruating women are stigmatized and are forced to isolate. Here’s an example.

A woman from Surat named Rupal Mitul Shah, who has nearly 300K followers on Instagram, shared a video wherein one can see how the entire family sat down at the dining table to share a meal together while another girl was sitting on the floor with her food because she was on her period. The woman on the floor is the influencer’s daughter.

She explained in the caption that in her family, women strictly avoid person-to-person contact while they are on their period and that it is a rule that they have been following for ages.

The influencer has deleted the video after it received immense criticism but the video has been circulating online via various platforms. Have a look:

People online couldn’t believe that even today, such taboos exist not just in the rural parts of the country but even in high-society families. Here’s a look at what some people have been saying:

Practices like this foster a culture of shame and inequality for women and this has no place in a progressive society, if we wish to be so that is.

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