From Hot Flushes To Mood Swings, Desi Women Describe What Menopause Feels Like

For women in the age group of 45 to 55, menopause is a dreaded M-word. It marks the end of their reproductive cycle as the ovaries stop producing eggs but also comes with a period of anxiety and pain. While it affects everyone differently, hot flushes, mood swings, weight gain are some of the common concerns associated with it.

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Recently, writer Kiran Manral sought to shed light on these very issues and several Indian women shared their personal experiences.

First and foremost, women shared the common symptoms they’ve faced:

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Some humorous, but very real examples of how it could feel like:

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Some people remembered their mothers going through it.

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Not just for those over 50’s!

Family and friends, please see!

 Concluding on a hopeful note.

Brb, I’m off to shower mum with hugs and pamper her with dark chocolate!

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