‘Life Happily, Travel’ Men Who Don’t Have Kids Share How They Find Purpose In Life

Grow up, get educated, get married, have a baby, and then spend most of your life and money earned taking care of them. This is how society wants an adult to carry on with his life. And obviously, those who don’t follow this set path are often looked down upon as rebels.

But having a kid or purpose in life is solely a person’s choice. Earlier, women on Reddit listed the numerous things they enjoy about not having kids. This time it’s these child-free men who are sharing their two cents on having a different purpose in life.

A single guy in his mid-30s went on to share that he had one long awful relationship in his 20s. He says he doesn’t have kids but has a pretty successful career instead. He has realized that one can’t live off their money and asks others online how they find balance and purpose unlike the majority of people who said having kids is the answer to it.

Penning the multiple questions that pop up in his brain, he wrote:

Men without kids, how did you find your purpose in life. from AskMen

Since he seemed pretty confused, men who don’t have kids shared their thoughts on the matter. Some said having kids has no correlation to having a purpose in life. And those who have kids to safeguard themselves during old age are just selfish.

Life without purpose? Why not?

So much to do without kids.

Being happy is the purpose.

Your life would revolve around just them.

Words from a man who has kids and a purpose in life too.

Some think life should be about living happily while others opined having a goal and purpose makes life worthwhile. And if kids fit in with your idea of how one would want to live their life then why not? But it can also be vice-versa, right?

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