10 Reasons Why Women Love Men With Beards


Men with beards. Need I say more? That rough out of bed look, looks oh so sexy! It makes a man look strong, confident and adventurous. 5-day old light stubble or 10-day old heavy stubble can be pulled off on any outfit.

Want to know why women prefer men with beards?

1. Masculine look

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That look makes every woman skip her heart beat.


2. Look mature

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Makes them look more serious about life.


3. Feels ticklish and fun while kissing

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Kissing just gets better.


4. It’s a badass look (In a good way)

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That raunchy look makes women go crazy!


5. Little trim, much stubble goes on every outfit

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Western, traditional, casual anything and everything.


6. Bearded men are sexy

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Their beards speak for them.


7. Men + beards = Absolute hotness

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8. It makes them look strong and gives that edge to their personality

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Women love men with confidence and strong personality.


9. No woman wants to be with a clean shaven boy!

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Clean shaved? Kindly excuse. Women prefer beards.


10. It feels great to run fingers across their poky beard

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And rub your cheeks against theirs.

Men with beards, congratulations! You have done a good job. Now go rock the world. 😀

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