A Group Of Men Beat Up A Woman In Meghalaya In The Name Of Moral Policing

The nation is still reeling from anger, shock and grief after the horrific cases of Kathua and Unnao rape case. The city of Mumbai gathered yesterday in protest of crimes against women and demanding the government to take a stand for its women.

In a shocking video, a young woman is seen being thrashed by a group of men in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. The incident took place in Meghalaya.


On-lookers do not intervene to help her and the abuse continues. An NDTV report suggests that the woman belongs to the Garo tribal community and was in a relationship with a man who was outside her community.

The thrashing that followed was to set her straight and teach her a lesson.

Watch the video here.

Meghalaya police filed a case by themselves and arrested the main accused named Biren Sangma who is a local resident. A second accused, also a local resident, was Martin B Sanhav. The police also said that they’ve formed teams and are looking out for other men in the video.

“It is a clear case of moral policing. The woman is safe and is being counselled after she went through the ordeal.”

Just last week, a case of brutal moral policing in Assam had come to light when the video of a woman being beaten up by men went viral. And within no time, here’s another case highlighting the same plight of another woman.

Who gives these men the right to be the moral police? Whoever made them the authority to set rules and beat people up? These are the men who believe they are entitled to tell a woman what to do, and when she doesn’t submit to him, go on to commit atrocities against women.

It’s high time these things stopped. Moral policing, rape culture, sexual harassment, gender bias – all of it needs to STOP.