Men Who Have Been Victims Of Sexual Assault Speak Of How It Impacted Their Lives

Trigger warning: This article discusses sexual abuse, trauma, and assault.

In the past, men have spoken up about facing sexism and not being taken seriously when they were the victims of sexual abuse. Now, they’re having a more difficult but much-needed conversation about the impact and trauma caused by sexual assault in an important Reddit thread. The personal experiences serve as a reminder to us all that we should be more compassionate, understanding and not dismiss anyone’s pain.

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1. Discomfort in social situations

2. Being uncomfortable when touched

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3. Mental health issues

Comment from discussion .

4. Trust issues

5. Intimacy issues

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6. Being extra careful and compassionate

It is really sad that anyone has to go through this. But if they have, the right professional help and support from near and dear ones are crucial to overcoming the trauma.

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