Being Selfish To Emotionally Drained, Men Share Honest Reasons Why They Don’t Want Kids

Get great education, score a good-paying job, get married, have children. This has pretty much become the life goal of most of us. More so because people around us keep pushing us to stick to this way of living, considering it’s ideal and fulfilling. However, not everyone wants to follow the herd.

And it’s not just women who are often asked, beta bacchey kab karoge? Men are also subjected to such questioning.

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While some would love to have kids and enjoy their ‘family life’, others never want to have kids. In fact, some could adopt a couple of dogs and stay happy with them forever!

Men online recently discussed this topic and penned honest reasons why they don’t want to have babies.

To those who NEVER want to have a child, what are your reasons? from AskReddit

From being selfish to emotionally unavailable, men on Reddit discussed why they would never like to have babies.

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Fair enough! Everyone is entitled to live their life the way they want. To each his own.

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