Gross Or Natural? Men On Reddit Share Their Honest Opinions About Periods

Even though periods are a biological process that a woman goes through every month for the majority of her life, it’s still something that makes people uncomfortable talking about, including women themselves.

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Hence, someone on Reddit was curious to know what men think of menstruation and if they are grossed out by it. Hence, the user posed this question:

men of reddit what do think about periods? from AskMen

And since Reddit is a platform where anyone can anonymously put forth their opinions, people took to the comments section to share their two cents.

‘It’s just a thing that happens,’ opined some.

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Some thought they are fortunate to not go through them.

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It’s an inconvenience.

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Women had this to say.

Most of the men were aware of it but thanked their stars for not having to through them every month. The natural cycle definitely causes inconveniences to a lot of women. So the best thing to be is just a little considerate to women around you on their tough days.

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