Men Share Stories Of Being Sexually Abused, Complain That Society Doesn’t Take Them Seriously

Not long ago, men on Reddit shared instances when they faced sexism, and that was an eye-opener for all those who thought such prejudice and bias is only faced by women.

But the sad part is that men often don’t receive enough support when they open up about their sexual abuse. Sometimes, their story isn’t even taken seriously and often brushed under the ‘mard bano’ carpet.

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Now, in a new thread, men shared how not even their friends or families, took them seriously when they told them that they were subjected to physical abuse.

We were exposed to this harsh reality when this Redditor asked an important question.

Why people don’t take seriously men who’ve been through sexual abuse? from AskMen

Soon, men shared their ordeal, complaining about this bias.

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These unfortunate instances of abuse faced by men make me question- are we, as a society, failing them?

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