Men In Their 30s Share Honest Reasons Why They’d Never Want To Get Married

Marriage and childbirth, like several other things, is an individual’s choice. And IMO, people should neither dictate nor pressurise others to do what their hearts don’t agree with.

Earlier, men and women shared the honest reasons why they don’t want to have babies. And after women, now men in their 30s have listed down reasons why they don’t want to get married.

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This eye-opening discussion made it to Reddit after a user asked men to share why they’ve decided to take this decision.

Men in your early 30s who have decided not to get married, what made take that decision? from AskMen

From taxes to enjoying staying alone, men had some practical and some personal reasons to not get into matrimony. Take a look at some of them here:

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Having said that, one should also not judge those who decide to get married early in their lives or have babies after the ‘right’ time has passed by. To each their own!

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