Indian Men Reveal Why Most Of Them Lie About Their Income In An Arranged Marriage Setup

Kitna kamatey hai? is often the first question that a guy is asked by the bride’s family, especially in an arranged marriage set up in India. The number of zeroes on the guy’s income determines his chances of getting married to a woman.

However, little do we know that not all men are comfortable with sharing their CTC with the groom’s family irrespective of how less or more they earn. Hence, they often try to brush the topic under the carpet with their wit or simply lie about their income.

Well, this Reddit user was curious to know why men don’t disclose their income especially when they are looking to marry a woman. Hence, the person asked:

“So, I do have friends, who literally lied about being financially secure or insecure about their potential match. Like why? I generally don’t understand when you say you wanna avoid gold diggers!!! Okay half maybe are gold diggers but half want to be financially secure, they want to enjoy their life and freedom cause it’s 2022 and still, girls are hearing “Shaadi ke baad jo karna hai wo karna” and they want to experience that thing.

Sometimes I understand not disclosing when you’re dating but when you’re marrying I feel like everything should be transparent. What do you guys think?”

guys why do you lie about your income in arrange marriage set up? from india

Men jumped to the comments section to share the reason why they share the incorrect figure knowing that they might end up being married to them.

Marriage is transactional in India.

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It shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

Social taboo.

Bigger prospects.

It’s personal and should be shared with people you trust.

Not everything has to be transparent in marriage.

I have seen people rejecting fairly independent men just because another one earned twice as them. The fact that money is given so much importance when looking for a groom makes things complicated, opined a lot of men.

Do you think their way of dealing with this societal flaw is correct? Let us know.

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