Men Ignore What Partners Are Saying 388 Times A Year Using Selective Hearing, Finds Study

Out of the ‘n’ number of complaints that men have from women, their talkative nature tops the chart for many. Men regularly joke about not paying attention to the constant ‘chapar chapar’ of their partner. Even Santa Banta fail to crack you up as much as men do when they start talking about ‘creative ways they have ignored their wife or girlfriend’s adorable blabber’!

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From celebrities to common man, every male human walking on this planet has at some point or the other joked about ignoring his partner’s talk. And, science has recently proved that this is just not limited to a light-hearted pun but it’s a habit!

So, remember the times your partner ‘forgot’ to pick up that box of chocolates that you asked for on his way home? Or the electricity bill he conveniently ‘forgot’ to pay? Well, it was probably because he wasn’t listening to you at all!
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Research says that men ignore their partner at least 388 times a year, reports Mirror. Experts at Scrivens Hearing Care have examined 2000 men and found out that half of them admitted having used ‘selective hearing’ on their partner almost every day in the year.

While some believe that selective hearing can be a symptom of some severe health issues leading to hearing loss, others feel that most of the men do it out of utter laziness.

Scrivens senior hearing aid audiologist, Kirran Saimbi told The Sun, “Most of us will have experienced ‘selective hearing’ – either being the accused or the accuser. But joking aside, ‘selective hearing’ could be a sign of hearing loss.”

“Left ignored, hearing loss can lead to isolation, depression and there is evidence of a link with dementia. The changes in our hearing are often so subtle and happen over time, that it can be very hard for us to notice the impact it’s having on our lives and those around us. That’s why regular hearing checks are so important”, he added.

But before we blame the men totally, the study also found that women do not lag behind. They ignore their partner’s talk 339 times a year.

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So, except for rare cases of hearing loss, ignoring your partner’s words some 300 times a year is quite normal. I just hope my boyfriend doesn’t get caught ignoring my words even once out of the 388 times, for his own good!