Smashing Stereotypes: Men List Out Things They Love That Are Considered ‘Girly’

There’s no denying the fact that our society has a lot of gender stereotypes clearly defined in pink and blue lines. A little girl’s nursery is filled with dolls, kitchen sets, unicorns and rainbows while a little boy’s room is dotted with rockets, cars, superheroes and action figures. The environment is not gender-neutral even when it comes to packaging/marketing of toys, career paths, marriage, etc. Having said that, people are slowly but steadily rejecting this social conditioning and accepting diversity.

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In a recent Reddit thread, men from across the world discussed the things they love doing despite the fact that they are conventionally labelled girly or feminine.

Males of reddit, what is something you like that is generally considered feminine or "for girls"? from AskReddit

#1. Bath products, creams, and lotions targeted at women

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#2. Getting manicures, pedicures, and applying makeup (like concealer and nail polish)

#3. Sewing, embroidery and crocheting

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#4. Ballet

#5. Shopping

#6. Fresh flowers, bouquets and scented candles.

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#7. The colour PINK!

#8. Fruity drinks with the tiny umbrellas

#9. Rom-coms

#10. Crying and freely expressing emotions

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This thread is a wonderful reminder to all of us to not do a double-take when a boy asks to play with dolls, not question a teen’s sexuality if he paints his nails, and not taunt a man for crying while watching ‘500 Days of Summer’.

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