Tourists Rash Drive On The Crystal Clear Pangong Lake In Ladakh, Desis Demand Strict Action

Most of us often wait for those long holidays when we could explore another city and take a break from our monotonous lifestyle. Even though travelling and vacation should be a frequent activity in our lives, people often become negligent of tourist-appropriate behavior when roaming in another city.

Earlier, tourists littered Himachalโ€™s ‘Triund Trek’, and hundreds of them crowded ‘Kempty Falls’ in Mussoorie with no social distancing.

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After ruining some of the picturesque places by scribbling on mountains and hills, spitting at city corners, and throwing garbage in places except the dustbin, some people have reached the Pangong Lake in Ladakh to mess up the natural habitat in the vicinity.

Taking to Twitter, a user named Jigmat Ladakhi shared an old video wherein a couple of men, in a luxury car, were seen rash driving on the crystal clear water body, evidently for their merriment.

Jigmat wrote that such irresponsible tourists are killing Ladakh which has more than 350 birds species and lakes like Pangong are home to many of them. Such negligent acts may put their habitat at risk.

The video irked a lot of people online who called for strict actions including hefty fines and community service for the offenders.

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A couple of people said calling out tourists could decrease tourism in the city.

The moment our ‘fun’ starts hurting people and the surroundings, it’s not fun anymore. Should they be penalized?

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