Men Reveal Non-Negotiable Boundaries They’ve Set For Their Girlfriends

Much has been spoken about the various boundaries women should set in their romantic relationships. Mansplaining, unwelcome physical touch, manipulating, privacy, etc. are some of the boundaries that have been spoken about.

But men have boundaries as well. There are many things that can make them uncomfortable, heartbroken, and can be a major deal-breaker in a relationship. Keeping boundaries is always healthy for one’s mental and physical health.

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So, here are certain boundaries related to physical touch, privacy, blackmailing, etc. that men on Reddit listed which are important for them:

1. No threats of breaking up.

2. Cheating is a strict no-no.

3. No lies either.

4. My toothbrush is my toothbrush, none of your toothbrush!

5. Try to communicate.

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6. No silent treatment, please.

7. Don’t prevent your partner from hanging out with his friends.

8. This one is so important – don’t police your partner’s masculinity.

9. Searching through other’s phone is a massive breach of privacy.

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10. While this has been talked about for women, it majorly applies to men too.

11. If you don’t like my dog, I don’t like you.

12. Please keep this in mind, for your partner’s sanity’s sake.

13. No flirting with other guys when you’re already dating someone.

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14. Respect other people’s boundaries, especially when it comes to something like alcohol consumption.

15. Don’t use trigger points just for personal amusement.


17. Don’t mess with your boyfriend’s social circle.

18. Don’t treat him like a child as well.

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19. Making personal attacks is uncalled for.

20. A final and important point.

Do you agree with these points? Tell us!

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