Guys Share Their Experiences Having A Girl Best Friend In Their Lives & Why It Works

Whether it’s you bro or your gal pal, friendships are one of the most cherished relationships you can have besides the ones tied by blood. But when some Bollywood films propagate the idea of ‘Kya ek ladka aur ek ladki dost ho sakte hai?’, we’re here to say, yes! It’s 2021 and platonic friendships do exist.

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A female Redditor questioned men to share their candid stories about their best friend if they happen to be a woman.

Men, what’s the story between you and your bestie who happens to be a woman? from AskMen

And many men came forward to spill the tea about their female besties.

  1. They shared the story of how they first met and became best friends with her.

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2. Friends that do things together, stay together!

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3. A pillar to lean on.

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4. A complex chemistry!

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5. But some fell for the pyaar ka daraar.

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Are you friends with the opposite sex? What’s your story? Share with us in the comments below.

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