You Can Now Earn ₹87 Lakhs By Creating Relatable Memes For A Company

We live in times where kids are earning money by reviewing toys and people can apply to unconventional jobs like a personal shopper, film critic, professional wine taster, video game developer, and much more. According to News18, a company named Gitcoin is currently hiring someone to make memes and manage their online community on Twitter and Discord.

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What’s interesting is that the role of Meme Artist / Shitposter + Community Manager is paying Rs. 58 – 87 lakh! Check it out.

The role is 100% remote and full-time. The company wants people to send over some 10/10 memes along with details of past work experience to apply. How cool is that?

Needless to say, people are calling it a dream job saying that they’ve finally found their calling in life.

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Would you apply for such a role? Tell us.

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