There’s A Major Mistake In The 1st Episode Of GoT Season 6 That Most Of Us Did Not Notice



This talks about the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones. Although it’s Wednesday and if you still haven’t seen it, you suck.

So there was a major, major mistake in the first season of Game of Thrones, season 6 that many failed to notice. Lady Melisandre, played by Carice Van Houten turns into a 400-year-old piece of absolute ugliness at the end.



This transformation happened after Melisandre takes off her ruby choker. But, this wasn’t the first time she had taken it off in the series. And one Twitter user even pointed it out and wondered that how come she did not turn into Scary McScareface all those previous times she was without the choker?

This is especially important because the transformation happens only once she takes off her choker. And this was clearly, a continuity error.


Obviously, an entire Reddit thread was dedicated to solve this mystery, and since GRRM hasn’t obliged us with the latest books, people started speculating. One user, PM-ME-YOUR-SUNSETS had a very interesting theory that led on to many epiphanies:

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When Director Jeremy Podeswa was asked about Melisandre he had said, “The idea is there’s an indefinite indeterminate quality that she could be ancient. We were limited by choosing to use a real person rather than a complete CG creation. Because what does a 400-year-old person look like? We don’t know. So if you try to create that, then you’re creating something that looks beyond our known reality. Here you feel like she’s very old without putting a number on it.”

So all the speculation on the Reddit thread could actually be true!

Now all we need is George RR Martin to finish up the last book quickly. Which he doesn’t. Ugh!

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