Maharashtra’s Mekhala Weds Tatum After Dating 10 Years, See Pics Of Their Magical Wedding!

They say marriages are made in heaven. If this is so, then we believe heaven dwellers definitely do not discriminate on the grounds of an individual’s sexual preference.

Which is why beautiful souls (irrespective of what sex they belong to) meet on earth and decide to live happily ever after.

And so did Tatum and Mekhala.

Born in very different backgrounds, Tatum (from Texas), and Mekhala’s (an Indian) love for writing brought them together. Like any other couple, it wasn’t a cakewalk for them too. They met at a women’s liberal arts college in Virginia and eventually jumped from friendship to love.

After transcending through the obstacles of long-distance, hunting for jobs in the same country, finally moving in together, and evolving family acceptance, their decade long love finally turned into a life long union.

Weddings are the moments of a lifetime and everyone deserves to be happy with who they want and this wedding certainly deserves all the attention.

Following is a compilation of some perfectly documented moments from their gorgeous same-sex wedding.



Their sense of commitment towards each other never needed to be officiated by a wedding but “Tatum proposed to Mekhala on the day she’d calculated that we had lived together exactly one day longer than we had been apart. The weekend we chose for our wedding was our tenth anniversary.”



The wedding was their chance to openly revel in their love and celebrate their companionship.



The guests travelled to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia so they could marry in the place where they first met.



They exchanged their vows in the presence of their family and friends.


Since Tatum is from Texas, and Mekhala is Indian their wedding perfectly reflected both the traditions they were brought up in.


 “The first was a Hindu ceremony officiated by a Pandita in the tradition of Mekhala’s state of Maharashtra, while the second was a Western ceremony officiated by the writing professor in whose class we first met.”


For the Indian style wedding, Tatum looked beautiful in an Indian lehenga choli while Mekhala wore the traditional ‘nauvari saree’, native to her birthplace. 



The Indian style wedding was followed by a Western ceremony where both the brides wore western ensembles.



You could see their eyes gleaming in joy as they exchanged their vows. 



The wedding day in Virginia saw the culmination of a decade of commitment and love that grew with every difficult phase that they conquered together.



Such weddings and moments of joy are a testament that love is more than just looking for a suitable partner from the opposite gender and living in accordance with the societal norms.



It is about finding ‘the partner’ you want to live together, forever. And Tatum and Mekhala were lucky to find them.