Family Forces Meerut Girl To Get Married, She Leaves Home & Becomes A PCS Officer


In several parts of the country, women are forced to let go of their dreams and ambitions to fit into the role of a wife and a mother. Even in 2020, women are expected to have their lives centred around their family’s wishes and needs.

However, a girl named Sanju from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has become an inspiration for many women to chase their dreams no matter what.

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According to a report by Aaj Tak, Sanju was born in a family which didn’t pay heed to a daughter’s education. Which is why her elder sister was married off after she finished school.

Sanju, however, wanted to continue her studies. After completing school in the year 2004, her family started to pressurize her to get married. Whenever she protested, she allegedly had to bear the brunt of their anger. Somehow, she managed to complete her graduation.

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It was after then that the pressure to get married had amplified to an extent where Sanju could take no more. So she decided to leave her house, her family and chase her dreams.

To support herself financially, she taught a few kids and took up a private job, all the while studying for the Provincial Civil Services examination. According to News18, it was in 2013 that she started preparing for her exams and now, 7 years later, her hard work finally paid off!

Sanju has passed the PCS examination and has now become a PCS officer. She has now decided to further prepare for the UPSC exam and wants to become a Collector someday.

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Her ‘guru’, Abhishek Sharma, expressed that Sanju’s victory is the defeat of society’s regressive thinking which underestimates a woman’s ability in the world.

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Kudos to Sanju for setting a brilliant example for women to follow!

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