Tired Of Travelling To Boring Places? Go And Rent A Jail For Rs. 500 Per Night In Telangana

Have you ever wondered how jail life is actually like? Is it tough like they show in the movies with bad food and even worse toilet facilities? If you are one of those curious and adventurous souls, the Medak jail in Telangana has just the thing for you.

For just 500 rupees, you can spend a night in a jail cell in Medak and experience “prison life”.

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You get to be an inmate in a jail with the complete experience package. The offer is a part of Jail Department’s “Feel the Jail” program that gives free citizens a chance to experience how it is like to stay behind the bars.


The Medak Jail authorities will give you Khadi dress, steel plate, glass, a steel mug, washing and toilet soap.

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The only change from the usual jail cell is that fans are provided inside the rooms.


The food is exactly like they give in jails with strict timings.

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Tea time –  6 to 6.30 a.m.

Breakfast – 7 to 7.30

Lunch – 10.30 to 11

Dinner – 4.30 to 5 p.m.


If you have a doubt whether the food is really “authentic jail” cuisine, it is prepared and sent from the District Jail in Kandi. And this is what you have for food –

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Breakfast – Chapati.

Lunch  – Pigeon pea with rasam.

Dinner – Curry, rasam, and curd rice.


And no, no one will clean your plates or rooms. There is no room service. As an inmate, you have to clean your own utensils and even the barracks of the jails as a part of the experience.

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But apart from this, the work is not really hard. You can choose to plant some saplings inside the compounds if you want.

This idea of a jail experience was started after they converted the Sanghareddy prison into a museum. Those who just want to see the jails and not experience it can do it for just Rs. 10 for a complete tour.

For the other badasses, you can experience the whole thug life for 500 rupees.

It is quite a bargain. Better than committing a crime and spending years you get to spend one night and decide whether or not if you will be able to afford a crime after all.

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News Source – The Hindu