2 Dhabas In Hisar Offer People A Free Meal In Exchange For 20 Plastic Bottles

Plastic pollution has taken over the world as a deadly monster. Governments around the world including India have banned single-use plastic with an aim to cut short the ever-growing plastic pollution. Despite the ban, we come across heaps of plastic waste dumped around the outskirts of the cities.

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In order to curb plastic pollution at the local level, the Municipal Corporation of Hisar has tied up with food outlets. In a creative initiative that looks promising enough, anyone who collects and submits 20 plastic bottles will get a free meal at two dhabas in the city.

The brilliant idea is a brainchild of Superintendent engineer Ramji Lal, who believes ragpickers have stopped picking up plastic bottles as they no longer find buyers for them.

“As a ban has been imposed on polythene, junk dealers stopped accepting plastic bottles as well which led to plastic bottles piling up at several places in the city. We then approached some dhabas, who readily agreed to provide a meal comprising daal, chapati, and salad for anyone who comes to them with 20 plastic bottles,” he told Hindustan Times.

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The two dhabas involved in the initiative, namely, Janata Bhojanalaya and Hounda Ram Dhaba hand over these plastic bottles to the municipal corporation where they use it for growing plants and making polythene compost, reports Times Now.

The mayor of the city, Gautam Sardana has lauded the authorities and eateries effort to help the poor and save the environment. He also said that the authorities also collect coconut shells.

Apart from curbing plastic pollution, the amazing initiative also ensures to keep a check on the number of homeless souls sleeping with an empty stomach in the city. Kudos to Hisar MC for their brilliant effort!

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