Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Bhushan Kumar Withdrawn, Girl Admits She Was Lying

After the sexual harassment accusations hurled at Rajkumar Hirani and Soumik Sen, the 2019 chapter of the #MeToo movement saw another addition to the list earlier this morning. In a startling revelation, T-Series chairman Bhushan Kumar was accused of asking sexual favours in exchange of a three-film deal, by one of his female associates.

According to the complaint filed by the anonymous girl at the Oshiwara police station, Kumar had met the girl during the screening of ‘Bhoomi’ and had exchanged numbers. However, the renowned film producer promised to cast her in his films provided she sleeps with him. The report also claimed that Kumar blackmailed her against opening up on the issue.

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But wait. There is a twist.

In a massive turn around of events, the girl has taken back her statements and admitted that they were false. According to News18, the girl wrote a letter stating that she made the fake allegations out of “frustration” and “depression”.

“I feel sorry for filing the complaint…it was due to frustration and depression.”

“I had no such intention to malign his reputation and shall not make any false statement and allegation against him in future.”

The latest report on the issue says that the girl was the real blackmailer and had asked for a certain amount of money from Krishan Kumar. According to the statement released by T-Series, she even threatened to drag his nephew, Bhushan, into her story if she doesn’t receive the money.

“Krishan Kumar filed a complaint against the said lady at Amboli police station. The lady for quite a while was threatening Krishan Kumar to extort money from him. After several calls and ignoring them initially, Krishan Kumar had to go ahead and file a complaint against her.”

“The lady threatened him that if she doesn’t get the asked money, she will file a false complaint of sexual assault against him and also drag his nephew Bhushan Kumar in it and she did so on 16th Jan afternoon. However, the same evening and as informed by the Oshiwara police station, the lady has withdrawn the false complaint against both of them,” adding, “In the statement she accepts the fact that the allegations are false and were made to extract money from them. She has requested Krishan Kumar to withdraw his complaint as well.”

It is believed that the girl has also requested Krishan Kumar to take his complaint back.