McDonald’s Is Going To Serve Masala Dosa Burgers And My Taste Buds Can’t Wait!

From time immemorial, McDonald’s has been doing the kind service of offering hand-licking burgers in prices that didn’t a pinch our pockets. While we have a gamut of other options to satiate our hungry pangs today, I’m sure most of us have lost our date-night virginity to McD!

But the good folks at McDonald’s didn’t think it was enough. They are upping their breakfast game in India (a country for Paranthas and not cereals) and dosa lovers, you can rejoice!

McDonald’s have revamped their breakfast menu with additions like masala dosa burger and the love-of-our-life anda bhurji

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Buzz has it, the burger of a dosa will be served in a brioche (French bread) with the classic molaga podi chutney.


It is also planning to sell spinach and corn and hash brown brioches, along with plain and masala scrambled eggs, waffles and hot cakes.

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The range is first being launched in Mumbai and will be followed by other parts of the nation.


McDonald’s official Twitter handle even took to share their message, post the announcement.

Whether this Indo-American fusion will go down in history as a novel attempt or a disaster, only time will tell! But, ek try toh banta hai yaar!

News Source: The Economic Times

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