McDonald’s Created The World’s Smallest Restaurant For Bees & The Reason Is Extremely Special

Remember the time wildlife photographer Simon Dell built the most picturesque house for a family of mice living in his backyard garden? If you thought that was the only example of humans creating cutesy little living spaces for animals, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Because fast-food chain McDonald’s has opened the world’s smallest restaurant meant specially for bees! How cute is this?

The structure has all the signature elements of a traditional McDonald’s outlet but is actually a fully functioning beehive. Hence the apt name – McHive! Take a look at how the whole thing came about.

But what exactly is the purpose of McHive?

To protect the population of bees and to provide a habitat for them, McDonald’s outlets in Sweden utilize their rooftops to construct beehives. Some of them have even planted flowering plants around the premises so that bees can pollinate them. The McHive is a tribute to these efforts and highlights the importance of bees in the ecosystem.

Netizens lauded the initiative of the company and a few couldn’t help but crack bee jokes.

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