“Then You Suffer”, Says Kerala Women Panel Chief To Domestic Violence Victim, Sparks Outrage

Kerala has been making headlines recently after a 24-year-old doctor died by suicide after allegedly being tortured for dowry by her husband. The Kerala Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, raised his voice against domestic violence and dowry.

However, on the other hand, Kerala Women’s Commission Chairperson, MC Josephine, has stirred controversy after she made insensitive remarks to domestic abuse victims on live television.

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According to The Indian Express, during a live phone-in show, a woman called and alleged she was being tortured husband her husband and mother-in-law. When MC Josephine asked if she approached the police, the victim said no.

“Oh, then you suffer,” MC Josephine replied.

She went on to add, “If you don’t want to live with your husband, you should get a good lawyer and approach the family court to get the dowry back and compensation.”

To another caller, she said, “What you did was stupidity. After you got separated, why did you go for a compromise? You had one more child…let me talk. You can’t just go on talking…women are the ones who make all the mistakes.”

Have a look at the video here:

Such a treatment of domestic abuse victims by the Women’s Commission Chairperson caused a massive backlash. There were protests and several people online called for her resignation.

Vadakara MLA KK Rema said, “She has spoken from the outset in a voice that smacks of arrogance and insensitivity, and provides no relief or support for victims. Such remarks underline that she doesn’t understand the sanctity of the post she’s occupying.”

According to Hindustan Times, Kerala BJP Chief, K Surendran, said, “Strongly condemn the indecent, insensitive and rude behaviour of MC Josephine to a domestic violence victim. How women can expect justice from this women’s commission? She no longer has the moral authority to continue in office.”

Following such intense public backlash, MC Josephine has resigned from her post, reports Deccan Herald.

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