Out Of 4000 Applicants For 14 Sweeper Jobs In Tamil Nadu, Many Are Engineers & MBAs!

With the population in India growing at an alarming rate, the competition for mainstream jobs is becoming fierce with each passing day. The huge number of people battling for the ‘limited’ number of vacancies have resulted in qualified aspirants ending up jobless. And even if one manages to grab a position, people tend to settle for low salaries in order to secure the spot.

However, if there is a state which is undergoing a severe job crisis, it has to be Tamil Nadu. And to prove our point, here is a shocking fact that clearly portray the situation in the South Indian state.

According to Hindustan Times, around 4,000 people have registered for 14 posts of sanitary workers at the state assembly secretariat in Chennai. While that’s absolutely normal, what comes as a shock is that a significant number of them are Engineering graduates and MBAs.

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Apart from them, there are also applicants with a degree in Commerce, Arts and Science streams.

Out of the 14 posts available, 10 of them are for sweepers and the other 4 calls for sanitary workers at the Assembly Secretariat. The salary for the jobs start from Rs 15,700 and goes up to Rs 50,000.

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While the job post was made public last year in August, the surprising details of the candidates came to notice when they were published on the Tamil Nadu Government website.

However, this is not the first time we have seen a rush like this. Recently the job of a waiter in Mumbai, which required candidates with a qualification of 5th pass or 4th pass, saw applications from several Ph.D. holders!

Can you even imagine?