Mayanti Langer Asks Suresh Raina For His WiFi Password. Internet Tries To Guess It For Her!

Asking someone for their WiFi password the moment you enter their home has become a kind of customary greeting.

“Hello! What a lovely house you have! Umm… can I have your WiFi password, please?”

See? It’s that easy. No need to be hesitant or ashamed! Everyone does it.

In fact, Star Sports presenter Mayanti Langer’s recent tweet could probably be the inspiration you need to be upfront and ask people for their WiFi passwords without beating around the bush!

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While in Kanpur, Mayanti posted a screenshot of the available WiFi networks near her on her Twitter. And of all the interesting WiFi networks, there was one in particular that she was eager to get access to!

Okay, we don’t blame her. There are several weird network names on that list. And Suresh Raina’s seems to be the least inconspicuous of them all!

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Like seriously, what is with the ‘Thirdumpire’ one?

Not surprisingly enough, Twitter latched on to this golden opportunity and trolled not just Mayanti’s upfront query but also Raina!

1. *Decision Pending*

2. Let’s hope Raina isn’t actually using his wife and daughter’s names as passwords, because OBVIOUS!

3. Now, there’s a possibility!

4. No wonder Mayanti chose it!

5. Just ‘throwing’ it out there, in case it is correct….

6. Quite a snide reference to the incident when a rather controversial tweet was shared from Raina’s Twitter handle, which he later claimed was his nephew’s doing.

7. Bad form, this!

8. Twitter sure knows how to be snarky! Yet another dig at Raina for allegedly failing the Yo-Yo Test for fitness.

9. Such bromance. Much wow.

10. Fingers crossed!

We haven’t seen much of this stellar all-rounder lately. Raina is currently captaining the Uttar Pradesh team in the Ranji Trophy, and we’re all hoping to see him back soon with the Men in Blue!

But for now, we’re left wondering if Mayanti did finally get access to Raina’s network after all!

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