Fan Asks Mayanti Langer Binny For A Date. She Says “Yes” But With Conditions Apply!

Come cricket season, Mayanti Langer Binny is one of our favourite sights on TV. But irrespective of what season it is, her Twitter game is always a solid 10/10! Remember the time she shut down trolls mocking her husband, cricketer Stuart Binny, with just one tweet? Or the time she cracked Twitter up by asking Suresh Raina for his WiFi password in a tweet!

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The lovely lady has yet again managed to win a few more fans’ hearts with her graceful yet witty reply to fan’s rather forthcoming request on Twitter!

Twitter user @fahadkhan616, just like most people watching IPL these days, is crushing hard on Mayanti Langer Binny. He praised the anchor in so many words, and at the end of the compliment, expressed his wish to take her on a date!

Awwww sweet!

Lucky for this fanboy, Mayanti replied! And boy, she sure managed to kindly acknowledge her fan as well as let him know of her happily married status (lest he is unaware) in one simple tweet!

Pure class, Mayanti!

Besides, Mayanti and hubby Stuart seem to be having their own fun date nights!

Twitter was all praise for Mayanti’s strategy for dealing with such requests without loosing her cool or hurting her fans’ sentiments!

What’s more, it’s even a nice reminder to her fans that the lady is already taken! Basically, it’s a sweet way of saying, “Back off!”

1. You sly goose, you!

2. *plays the IPL whistle in the background*

3. Yes, we exist.

4. ‘Bhaiyya’ is the magic word!

5. Best offer!

6. Think before you tweet, fellas!

7. It is! It is!

8. ‘Mrs.’ being the operative word here!

Also if you’re thinking Mrs. Binny’s reply had her fan go all…

… then sorry to disappoint! Our jabra fan Fahad was quick to take Mr. & Mrs. Binny up on the latter’s offer!

That is indeed the mark of a true fan! Unwavering loyalty to your celebrity, irrespective of their marital status! *wink*

PS: Dear Fahad and Mayanti, pics if it does happen, okay? We’d like to know what Mr. Binny thinks of this whole arrangement!