Max Hospital Handed ‘Dead’ Babies In A Bag Even When 1 Was Alive. Demanded 50L To Treat Him!

Healthcare is one of the major causes of upheaval in India. And it is not just because there are ailments that we still can’t comprehend or fight but because there is a growing disbelief in medicine, especially its practitioners who have often found themselves in a soup for doings which have cost innocent lives!

Remember the unfathomable Gorakhpur tragedy where over 63 people (including infants) died in a hospital because they couldn’t arrange oxygen for their patients? Yes, we are dealing with negligence and unfortunately, it gets worse. When there are no faulty prescriptions, private hospitals write bills worth lakhs and crores to do their ‘duty’. Need I remind you about the Fortis hospital debacle? While I wish I had better news, we are in midst of another unspeakable tragedy!

If you haven’t heard already, Max hospital in Delhi wrongfully declared a new-born dead! According to NDTV, the premature baby who was declared dead along with his still-born twin was found breathing when he was about to be buried.

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The twin babies, who were handed over in plastic bag, were taken for burial when the parents realised that one of the babies was squirming. After six long hours! 

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Kailash, the baby’s grandfather, said, 

“They handed us both bodies wrapped like a courier package from the back door. After we travelled three km, we felt a movement in one (bag). We ripped it open, found bits of plastic and the baby inside, breathing.”

Yes, the family rushed the infant to the same hospital but what followed will make your faith in humanity dwindle!

The hospital allegedly demanded a huge amount of money to keep the baby on necessary life support and alive! Ashish Kumar, the father of the twins, has lodged an FIR, reports Hindustan Times.

“Doctors said if we keep the baby in the nursery, it will cost Rs 50 lakh.”

Not just that. He also told police the infant had contracted an infection after being wrapped in a plastic bag by the Max Hospital. In fact, the hospital had even demanded another Rs 35,000 to improve the chances of his wife, Varsha’s survival.

The Delhi Police have registered a case of attempt to culpable homicide against the hospital.

Meanwhile, the hospital has sacked two treating doctors and has issued a statement. 

“This strict action has been taken on the basis of our initial discussions with the expert group and as a reflection of our commitment to higher standards of care.”

Having said that, the hospital administration insisted that the firing does not indicate the probe panel had indeed found a lapse.

While the grave blunder has raised several and pertinent questions about the functioning of private hospitals, it is the treatment in the aftermath that speaks volumes about the lack of apathy we bear.

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