‘Maturity Is Realizing Anshuman Wasn’t Wrong’ Desis React To ‘Jab We Met’ Video

When we are younger, we see the world as black and white. It is only after we grow older and gain some experience regarding love, relationships and the world that we begin to see the various shades of grey that exist between the black and white. Similarly, the characters in the films which we watched as kids appeared to us as only ‘good’ or ‘bad’. I’m pretty sure that if some of us were to go back to these films and watch them today, we’ll realize that there’s much more to a character.

Here’s an example. An account on Instagram shared a reel from the film ‘Jab We Met’ with the scene where Anshuman comes back to Geet and asks for forgiveness. The video is titled “Maturity is when you realize that Anshuman was not totally wrong.”

Looking back, Geet had dropped out of nowhere to meet Anshuman and wanted to get married to him. From the looks of it, Anshuman was put in a false position in front of his family, who appeared to have been strict.

Honestly, if the person I was dating dropped into my house and said that he’s left his family to get married to me, I would be anxious as well. After all, all these decisions take time, isn’t it?

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However, this started a big debate amongst people on Instagram. While some did accept that Anshuman was not totally wrong and that they would’ve probably done the same if ever put into that position, others didn’t have a change of thought and claimed that the guy was all shades wrong.

Have a look at some of the reactions here:

Was Anshuman right or wrong – what do you think?

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