After IIT-IIM, Twitter Unearths A Matrimonial App For Doctors Only, Leaves People Divided

We had a face-palm moment when we came to know that there’s an exclusive matrimonial app for IIT IIM graduates. Bollywood’s favourite, Karan Johar, was also called out for elitism for promoting the ‘matrimonial platform like no other’.

But despite the public outrage, people haven’t stopped from coming up with such special matrimonial sites dedicated to a special group or profession defying classism, and misogyny that we have been fighting against.

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This time, someone on Twitter came across a matrimonial app exclusive to doctors. The ‘No 1 matrimony for doctors only’ claims to help medical practitioners seek their right partners in the same profession.

Well, this bizarre concept wasn’t appreciated much by people online. This is what they said:

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Looks shady, though!

Apparently, it made sense to some.

I just have this to say:

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