Matrimonial Ad Seeking Groom For Bride From Rich Family Asks Software Engineers To Not Call

Arranged marriages in India are a different ball game altogether. At a time when websites like weren’t there, matches were searched for in the matrimonial section of the newspaper. Some of the matrimonial ads were epic!

Even today, several families ditch the new age matrimonial websites and matchmakers for the good old newspaper matrimonial ads. However, in a matrimonial ad that was shared by businessman Samir Arora, software engineers were specifically told to not call!

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According to the ad, the bride’s family, who were rich and business-class, were seeking a groom who was IAS, IPS, a doctor or a businessman but not a software engineer.

Have a look:

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Samir Arora joked that the future of IT professionals looks bleak.

While this matrimonial ad is from a couple of years back, it resurfaced and tickled many bones on Twitter. Here’s how some people reacted:

The arranged marriage market in the country doesn’t even need to try to be hilarious AF!

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