Mathematician Couple Plans On Making Guests Solve Math Problems At Their Wedding

Let’s get real, we mostly attend weddings for the food. Everything else can take a break. But how would you react if you had to solve math problems to find yourself a seat at a wedding?

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Imagine how the guests of this newlywed couple reacted when they announced on Facebook that in order to sit for their meals, the guests would have to solve a “mathematical question”!

The couple wrote that they planned to include multiple math references throughout the event as they were mathematicians.

Here’s a look at the screenshot that was posted on Reddit on a thread named “Bridezillas”:

Math-shaming. Don’t worry- the difficulty will be drawn DIRECTLY from the guests’ background! No offense! (My immediate RSVP would be no.) from bridezillas

The couple took a step ahead to go through individual research papers of their guests. Why? To come up with suitable problems according to their “mathematical backgrounds”.

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The math-themed wedding has left the internet divided. To math or not to math, that is the question.

In an era of wedding videos, photo-booths, and unnecessarily elaborate parties at least someone is doing something new!