3 Generations From Kerala Come Together For A Heartwarming Maternity Shoot, Watch Video

Maternity photoshoots are an interesting way to frame the memories of childbirth and the beautiful journey that the couple was on onboard before the arrival of the little one.

Earlier, a trans couple announced their pregnancy with a mesmerizing maternity shoot. Now, this maternity shoot by a photographer has become the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Jibin Joy, a photographer a profession, was brainstorming ideas on how to execute a memorable maternity shoot for his wife, Chinchu PS, who was nine months pregnant.

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That’s when he listened to a song from the 2023 movie ‘Romancham’. The song prompted him to involve his grandparents and the couple’s parents in the shoot. It didn’t take him much effort to convince the elderly couples to be a part of the shoot. Joy then took all of them from Mundakayam in Kottayam to Vagamon to execute the plan.

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In the impressive Instagram reel that he created, one can see his enthusiastic 87-year-old grandfather, George Chacko, planting a kiss on his 80-year-old wife Chinnama’s forehead. Dressed in traditional chattayum, mundu, Chinnama pretends to be pregnant by holding her belly.

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We then see the couple’s parents, (Joy George, 60, Thresiamma Joy, 59, and Sabu PT, 55, Sujatha Sabu 47) pose like they are also expecting a little one. The love, affection, and gratitude on their faces are heartwarming.

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Then comes the woman of the hour, Joy’s wife Chinchu, in a flowy gown, posing beautifully with her baby bump along with the other three elderly women.

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Talking about his experience of being a part of this thoughtful shoot, the octogenarian George Chacko, who happens to be a professional actor, told The Indian Express, “I was very happy to be part of the shoot. It was not difficult at all. Four generations have passed and now we await the youngest daughter-in-law‚Äôs baby.”

Take a look at three generations coming together for a video that took everyone’s breath away:


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People online were all hearts on the video:

This is such an interesting way to make everyone a part of the couple’s joyous moments. We loved the video, did you?

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