This Jellyfish That Looks Like A Firework Is Getting Internet’s Admiration And Wows

“What’s it about the fireworks?” *Christian Grey’s voice* #Facepalm

I mean, you have to agree that the prettiness of the sight is something that ushers emotions in us. And, we all love it. You know something else humans (particularly the procrastinators) love? Jellyfish!

Didn’t we adore Squishy in Finding Nemo?

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And, and, and, of course, the Blue Jellyfish “No Name” aka “Friend” SpongeBob met?

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Yeah! Kyoot, na?

I, toh, feel like a jellyfish all the time because of my jelly-like body structure. JK! πŸ˜›

Right now, winning the Internet is this piece of nature’s wonder. A very rare species of jellyfish – Halitrephes Maasi jellyfish- has been spotted in Mexico.

It was spotted at Socorro Island, Mexico, by researchers.

This was just one of the dozen spottings of this ‘firework’ jellyfish, which was seen drifting at a depth of almost a mile (1609 m).

Wow! Isn’t that amazing.

The colourful demeanour is because of reflection of light. It floats unseen without it’s light.

This is so surreal. And, netizens are amazed, too.

1. Indeed, it is.

2. Alien? Is it? Really?

3. Truly incredible.

4.*cries in a corner*

5. Me too!

For desis like us, it almost looks like a lit charkhi.

Is the Jellyfish singing, “Baby I am firework?” #JustThinkingOutLoad