Man Making Dosa With Dry Fruits, Cheese & Cherries, Sparks Dosa Wars On Twitter

Offbeat food combinations can sometimes produce delicious results like when we add chowmein to a chicken roll. But while some experiments work well, others often fail to amaze foodies. After kurkure shake and sweet maggi, it is a dry fruit dosa that has surfaced online.

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This video is of a man making dosa with cheese, paneer, cherries, dry fruits and vegetables. Called Dilkhush Dosa, the dish is from a roadside stall where the man slathers the dosa with a slab of butter and proceeds to add chopped onions, cabbage and capsicum with lots of coconut chutney. Take a look-

Then comes crumbled paneer, cashews, almonds and raisins. To top it off, there’s jeera powder and garam masala. This bizarre mashed filling didn’t go down too well with some online. Here’s how people reacted to this unconventional dosa style.

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Purists then responded by sharing their versions of what a dosa should actually be like-

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