People React With Memes After Delhi HC Makes Masks Compulsory For Those Driving Alone

Amid the alarming rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the country, the government has put several new regulations in force to contain the spread of the contagious virus.

While states like Maharashtra and Delhi have reportedly imposed night curfew and have instructed people to strictly follow all the coronavirus safety norms, the Delhi High Court today ruled that it is compulsory to wear masks even when people are driving alone in their cars.

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According to News18, the High Court ruled so while listening to the petition of four people challenging the rule that penalizes people for not wearing a mask while they’re alone in private cars.

Dismissing their plea, the single judge bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh remarked, “A mask is a ‘suraksha kavach’ for preventing the spread of the coronavirus. A vehicle which is moving across the city, even if occupied at a given point in time by one person, would be a public place owing to the immediate risk of exposure to other persons under varying circumstances,” The Hindu quoted the court saying. The court asserted that even if a car is occupied by just one person, it’s a public space.

However, people online weren’t pleased by this judgment. This is how they reacted to it.

According to a report by Times Of India, the number of cases in the country are multiplying faster with 1,15,249 fresh infections being reported on Tuesday. With that said, do you think wearing a mask while traveling alone in a car is logical enough?

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