Keeping Her Word, Mary Kom Meets Fan Who Cried After Her Olympics Defeat, Brings Her Gifts

MC Mary Kom’s defeat at the Tokyo Olympics quarter-finals against Columbia’s Ingrit Valencia left a lot of hopes shattered. A video of a young fan crying inconsolably after her defeat went viral online and Mary Kom shared the video too, promising that she will give her a hug and salute her if she ever gets to meet her.

Mary Kom even said that she would be happy to help her pursue any sport she is interested in. Have a look at the video here:

And Mary Kom did keep her word. She went on to find the young fan and showered her with gifts, reports The Indian Express. Sharing pictures with the girl, the 6-time World Champion wrote, “I’ve found my new fan and follower for boxing who really cheers and cried for me during Tokyo 2020.”

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People online called her a “gem” and lauded her kind act.

In a similar incident, Mirabai Chanu had met with the truck drivers who gave her free lifts during her training days. She presented them with gifts and hosted a lunch for 150 drivers.

What an inspiration such people are!

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