18-Year-Old Martial Art Expert From Bengal Beats Up 3 Men Who Tried To Sexually Assault Her

At a time when crimes against women have seen a steady rise, self-defence has become the need of the hour. Women have taken their safety into their own hands and have invested their time in equipping themselves with the proper form of self-defence so that they can protect themselves from predators. However, just learning martial arts is not enough and you need to keep your head together to apply your knowledge.

A prime example of this was recently set by an 18-year-old girl who taught a lesson to 3 men who tried to sexually assault her. The girl, Priyanka Singha Roy was on her way to a shop at Kamarpara, Sainthia municipality, in West Bengal reportedly with her younger sister when the men tried to assault them.

The men made lewd remarks at her and blocked her path. One of them also allegedly held her hand. The girl started learning martial arts 10 months ago and warned the men to back off, the police said on Tuesday.

When they didn’t listen to her, she overpowered and beat them up. The mother of the girl told Hindustan Times,

“My daughter is a keen student of martial arts. The youths were not aware of her skills. My daughter initially asked them to restrain themselves, but they paid no heed and continued with their lewd behaviour. Then she beat them up. “

Anirban Sen, a local resident witnessed the girl’s ferocity first-hand and saw the goons lying on the ground with his own eyes. He said,

“After hearing a commotion, we rushed to the area and found that the girl had put the three youths on the ground. She told us that she punished them for misbehaving with her. Her courage will inspire others in the area.”

The news quickly went viral and people are lauding this teenager for having her wits about her and applying her knowledge to overpower her perpetrators.

1. True!

2. So proud!

3. We need more like her.

4. Beti se bacho…

5. You rock!

6. Yes!

The girl could not be contacted as she went to give her class 12 board exams. The accused identified as Amit Sahani, Dip Mandal and Bhaskar Mandal and have now been caught by the police. They were all in their mid-twenties.

This girl’s bravery and confidence will inspire many women and children to take an initiative towards learning self-defence. You go, girl!

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