Twitter User Gets Criticized For Saying ‘Marry A Girl Who Can Worship Her Husband’

We are up for a debate if you think we have bid adieu to the patriarchal mindset that thinks women should only look after the house, should dress to impress men, and should worship their ‘pati parmeshawar’. This thought process should have been left in the 40s but sadly, it’s here to bite us all.

This Twitter user is a classic example of how men want their female partners to stay low in front of them. This misogynistic and sexist mind thinks women who worship their husbands are ideal and those are the only ones worth marrying. Basically, baaki sab characterless hai!

Lakshman penned his thoughts on Twitter after seeing a picture of South Indian actress Pranita Subhash sitting on the floor with a couple of puja ki thalis while her husband, Nitin Raju sits on a chair with folded hands and keeping his feet in a steel thali.

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Tweeting this picture of the couple reportedly celebrating a festival called Bheemana Amavasya, Lakshman declared, “Marry a girl who can do this for you.”

His tweet wasn’t received well by people online who thought partners should be equal.

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This image of the couple might come across as normal and not offensive to some. But the thing is if they’re okay with it, then good on them. But what’s with labeling and categorizing women on this basis?

Women are more than just slaves of the men in their lives. When are we going to recognize this fact?

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