#MarriageStrike Trends Online As People Oppose Criminalization Of Marital Rape In India

Ever since the Delhi High Court started hearing petitions seeking to criminalize marital rape In India, it has sparked public outrage.

While there are some who are moving mountains to strike down section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (protecting men who have forced non-consensual intercourse with their wives from criminal prosecution), others think that men will be wrongly prosecuted if women are given the power to put their rapists behind the bar.

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Therefore, many online decided to go on a ‘marriage strike’ with the intention to force the court to not make marital rape an offense legally.

#MarriageStrike started trending online with people opposing the proposition. This is what those against the petition think:

There were also those who firmly believed that criminalizing marital rape would be a tombstone in the creation of a safer and secure society for women.

Having said that, the court is yet to put a word on this. Let us know what do you think of it.

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