21 Hilarious Tweets That Define Married Life Problems


Marriage: A relationship where the participants keep the door open while pooping, know the exact location of each others keys but not their own and tell each other ‘I told you so’ more often than ‘I love you’.

Here are the funniest tweets on the internet that define married life!

1. When he makes washing dishes seem harder than solving the Rubik’s Cube.



2. The next time I’ll label the dog.


3. When Booties is only used to refer to your kid’s footwear.


4. When my things start to disappear one hammer at a time.



5. Whatever you think is right, marriage will make you think again.


6. How is it that you can swear you found Narnia but a bottle of juice is invisible?


7. Counting down.


8. Because an axe murder is waiting in the kitchen, eating last night’s pasta. Makes total sense.


9. When in doubt, just know the fluffier one is mine.


10. ‘What do you want to have for dinner?’

        ‘Whatever you want’

        ‘Thai, Chinese, Indian?’

        ‘Except all that’.


11. I’m smart enough to make you sleep on the couch tonight.


12. I raised him right, you ruined him with TV.


13. Every Single Time.


14. This is what a long term marriage sounds like.


15. Mine was a real stinker, I win!


16. I think we need separate toilets. It’s time.


17. Bless the Lord!


18. Marriage roles.


19. Do you remember 5.4 years ago you were the one who said ‘We should get a dog’, now clean his poop.


20. Dental hygiene goals.


21. This is a trap. A trap I tell you.

After all, it’s for better or for worse. 

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