Indians Online Express Their Opinions Of Living A Marriage-Free Life, Its Pros & Cons

When you touch your mid-twenties, it is kind of a given that it’s time to get married. When you touch your late-twenties and early-thirties, you are burdened with the expectation of having a child. However, not everyone wants the conventional “well-settled” life. Many married couples prefer to be child-free and many others prefer to not get married at all.

Recently people online shared their opinions on having a marriage-free life.

What are your thoughts on marriage free and child free life? from india

There were some who expressed how they are perfectly happy on their own and do not feel the need of getting married or have a family.

There were also some who claimed that people tend to be lonely and regret their decision even if they don’t always express it to others.

Some pointed out that one needs to have something they can “tie” themselves to, which may not be a person and can be a hobby or profession.

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However, there were people who explained that one needs to properly think and assess their decision before coming to a drastic conclusion.

Some also suggested having a solid group of friends in case one feels lonely a couple of years after deciding to be marriage-free.

What are your views on this topic? Tell us!

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