Mark Zuckerberg Replied To A User’s Comment On His Facebook Post And He Nailed It

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-founder of Facebook, is known to be many things, but sassy wasn’t one of them until now.

He recently put up a Facebook post about the New Year and his personal challenge for 2016:

He writes about the challenge that life has offered him this year, and how he intends to work with it and how this year, the theme of his challenge is ‘invention’.


But as luck would have it, somebody tried to outsmart Zuckerberg by commenting this:



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But it’s not an easy task to outsmart the guy who founded Facebook and that’s exactly what happened when Mark Zuckerberg replied to his comment.


So basically, Mark Zuckerberg not only had the best come-back, but also made us realize in a very slapstick-humour sort of way that we should have studied harder and become the nerd back in school.

I see what you did there Mark.

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