Old Video From Manushi’s MBBS Days Is Going Viral And Her Miss World Journey Is Inspiring

17 years! It took 17 long years to bring the coveted Miss World crown back home to India. And when the beautiful Manushi Chhillar from Haryana accomplished the Herculean task, there was no chest that didn’t swell with pride and no heart that didn’t gush over her infectious smile.

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Like that wasn’t enough, her earnest self and sincerity that made her stand out amongst other finalists and answer the finale question, the way she did, makes her a winner in all spheres.

Not to forget, she already knows how to handle and counter unwarranted puns or cheek-in-tongue remarks about herself- with grace! But hey, don’t you dare pass the credit to her luck. Of course, destiny had a big role to play but it is Manushi’s hardwork that has made her reach the pinnacle she is at today!

That and a lot of dedication that she has put in from day one. And by day one I mean, her learning phase as a medical student. And the transformation is for everyone to see! 

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That’s right. In fact, Manushi is still pursuing a medical degree at the Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for Women in Sonipat. Yes, even after she has touched the stars.

But it is no surprise, to be honest. A CBSE topper in English, Manushi feels for the profession passionately and it is as noble as it sounds.

She even believes in causes that are poised to take India and healthcare ahead.


“Every child has a right to immunisation!”


But even with her hectic lessons, Manushi never stopped dreaming big and working on herself to make her nation proud. 


And the rest, as they say, is history. Be it keeping her tresses lose in a smouldering one-piece…

Or tucking them neatly in a gorgeous dupatta,

Manushi never forgets to wear her smile and that’s just one of the things that makes her who she is.

And if you’re wondering what are the other things, watch this two-year-old video of Manushi that is going viral now. You’ll get all your answers. 


You’re meant for the sky, Manushi. Never let anyone tell you otherwise!