Dialogue Writer Of ‘Adipurush’ Manoj Muntashir Says Defending The Film Was A Huge Mistake

Probably one of the biggest Bollywood controversies of 2023 was the release of the film ‘Adipurush’, starring Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan and Kriti Sanon in lead roles. Directed by Om Raut, ‘Adipurush’ failed to impress a lot of people, especially when it came to the VFX and the dialogues.

Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the dialogues for the film, initially defended his work when the film was receiving a lot of backlash. However, now looking back, he says it was a big mistake, reported Hindustan Times.


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In a recent interview, Manoj Muntashir said that he would be careful from now on and that everything that he faced after the release of the film was a great learning process.

“I have learned a lot from this accident, and it was a great learning process. I will be very careful from now on.”

He further went on to add that his writing was a mistake but he had no bad intention while he was writing the film.

“I am not such an insecure person that I would defend my writing skills by saying that I have written well. It’s a 100% mistake. But, there was no bad intention behind that mistake. I had absolutely no intention of hurting the religion and causing trouble to Sanatan or to defame Lord Ram or to say something about Hanuman ji which is not there.”


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He then said that he shouldn’t have given a clarification of his writing in the first place and instead should have understood that the anger shown by the people was justified.

“I feel that when people were furious, I should not have clarified at that time. This was my biggest mistake. I should not have spoken at that time. If people are angry with my clarification, then their anger is justified. Because that was not the time to clarify and today I understand that mistake.”

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